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Real Estate Is A Commodity!

With all the financial uncertainty associated with inflation, government spending and recession possibilities it pays to understand that Commodities are enduring, valuable, a hedge against inflation

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Rehab Loan May Solve A Program - Mar 2023

Are you exhausted from competing in a low inventory market with multiple offers and higher prices dominating?Here’s an idea – Why not buy a property for less money and turn it into your

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When to Shovel Your Roof - Feb 2023

We've had a "snowier" winter than last year and I think most Alaskans are thrilled, particularly those who enjoy the winter sports. From dog-mushers to skiers, we are all celebrating. Roads can be

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Ructions in Real Estate - Jan 2023

Ructions happen! In international relationships, personal situations and in real estate.A ‘ruction’ is, by definition, a disturbance or quarrel, and it came to my attention last week in

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